The Arizona Experiment Station


Bridging science and community to evaluate the quality of soil, water and plants to potential exposure of contaminants from resource extraction and hazardous waste sites. Communicates results to participants and the broader community to influence prevention practices and environmental decision-making.
Clear Benefits
An easy way for community members to connect, learn, and improve their environment.
Easy Start
The program is a simple four-step process.
Clear Instructions
Collect soil, water and plant samples with illustrated instructions.
Convenient Drop-off
Numerous locations are available to collect the participant's samples.
UA Analysis
Leading researchers put each sample through rigorous testing.
Testing Status Updates
Participants are kept apprised of the testing progression.
Valuable gardening advice informs users of best practices.
Recent News
A place for stories that are relative and helpful to users.
Upcoming Events
Workshops, trainings, and meetings to support community members.
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