The Arizona Experiment Station

Desert AgWise

In partnership with the Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture, we created a progressive web app that allows farm operators to better manage waterings for their crops and track the salinity that accumulates in their soil through multiple growing seasons. Utilizing the mathematical models of research scientists from the USDA-ARS and University of Arizona, Desert AgWISE (Water Irrigation Soil Environment) provides crop-specific recommendations for each field as well as other useful data, which will allow the user to make more informed decisions for long-term sustainability.
Precise Data-driven Recommendations
Utilize desert-specific research and science-based WISE intelligence to hone your irrigation and soil salinity management decisions.
Soil Salinity Management
Maximize crop production by closely monitoring soil salinity to achieve proper water salt balance.
Irrigation Management History
Accurately track irrigation and rain events and receive reliable recommendations to make optimal irrigation decisions for WISE farming.
Visualize your Farms
Customize unlimited farms and fields for specific WISE management recommendations relevant to you.
Receive Notifications
Informative text and email notifications suggest WISE action to improve sustainability.
Assign Roles to staff
Allow others assisting with field operations access to Desert AgWISE and oversee their contributions.
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